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As a community owned utility, Pasadena Water and Power takes pride in empowering our youth through educational programs and activities. Below is an overview of the various partnerships and efforts we support in our community.


Green Living Curriculum - 2nd and 3rd grade students

Pasadena Water and Power partners with the Department of Public Works on the Green Living Curriculum offered to all second grade students in the Pasadena Unified School District.

The six week course is led by a Green Living Curriculum teacher who visits classrooms once a week and discusses topics on sustainability and conservation. Over 1,200 PUSD students participate in the program which adapts to common core and state standards.

Children Investigate the Environment - 4th and 5th grade students

This partnership with the Armory Center for the Arts focuses on fostering environmental stewardship through the arts both inside and outside of the classroom.

With the help of Artist-Teachers, over 500 fourth grade students receive weekly classroom visits and participate in field trips throughout a semester. Students also receive a hands-on approach to learning by creating scientifically and environmentally themed art projects.

LivingWise Program - 6th Grade Students 

The LivingWise Program educates students and their parents on the importance of conserving energy and water. The program is an energy efficiency and water conservation education program designed to investigate and measure energy and water usage in homes, while building knowledge of current environmental issues. Every year, 940 6th grade public and private school students participate in the program.  

MWD ‘Water is Life’ Art Contest - K-8 Students

The ‘Water is Life’ Student Art Contest is another Metropolitan Water District program held annually for participating member agencies. Students submit artwork portraying the water-wise theme along with a short conservation message.

Pasadena Water and Power opened the contest to all K-8 students in Pasadena. Over 200 entries were submitted and two first-place PWP winners were elected to receive an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. PWP then submitted a total of 10 entries to MWD for an additional round of competition.

In May 2016, PWP held an award ceremony at Hamilton Elementary School for the top two winning student artists, Maria Karapetyan and Matthew Vargas, (pictured below) both in Ms. Cid’s second grade classroom. The artwork of these two students were selected from nearly 200 submittals and received Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets for their talent. Their classmates also received special water-related gift bags that included water-wise poppy seed planters along with a reusable water bottle.

Art-Poster-Contest-Winners_2016_web    Art-Poster-Contest-Winners_2016_1_web    Art-Poster-Contest-Winners_2016_2_web 

Water Awareness Assemblies – 2nd through 5th grade students

Pasadena Water and Power and Mad Science sponsored assemblies for K-5 students in celebration of Water Awareness Month in May. Over 600 students attended the water-wise themed assembly titled ‘What Do You Know About H20’.

High School

Solar Cup

The Solar Cup is an annual solar boat race held by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California along with participating member agencies. Pasadena Water and Power has sponsored John Muir High School’s solar team for the past 10 years by working directly with their Engineering and Environmental Science Advisory Board.

Students prepped for over six months and raced their solar-powered boat for speed and endurance on May 16 at Lake Skinner in Winchester, California.

On May 13-15, 2016, John Muir High School’s Solar Cup Team (pictured below) competed in Solar Cup 2016. At this year’s race, MWD honored the Muir Team with two special awards: the Teamwork Award for loaning equipment to other teams during competition and the first-place award for their written Technical Report.

Solar-cup_2016_goup-photo_web    Solar-cup_2016_award_web 

SolarCup_2016_working-on-boat_web    Solar-cup_2016_racing_web 

Educational Scholarship

Two $5,000 scholarships were made available to all high school seniors attending public or private institutions in Pasadena. Students could choose from essay topics related to energy and water conservation and detailing how Pasadena Water and Power could better communicate core messages to various audiences. Read more.. 

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PWP offers facility tours for Pasadena-based student groups that are interested in learning more about water and energy conservation. Tours are subject to availability, please contact Teresa Gonzalez at (626) 744-4172.

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