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Pasadena Water & Power

  • For Our Commercial Customers

    PWP offers a range of water and energy saving programs and information for our business customers.

    Energy Programs and Rebates

    • Energy Efficiency Partnering Program (EEP): A flexible rebate program that rewards a broad range of efficiency retrofits
    • Pasadena Express Efficiency Rebate Program (PEER): The PEER program provides Pasadena businesses straight-forward energy efficiency incentives based on type of equipment and the number of units installed
    • Water & Energy Direct Install Program (WeDIP): Provides audits and installation water and energy saving equipment at NO COST to qualifying PWP small business customers 
    • On-Demand Efficiency Program: Save energy with an on-demand recirculation control for multifamily building water heating loop systems installed at NO COST to qualifying SoCalGas® and PWP customers. Buildings must have central gas water heating systems and at least six apartment units.
    • Pasadena Solar Initiative: Get rebates for installing solar photovoltaic systems to meet your electricity needs. 
    • Shade Trees Rebate: PWP offers rebates for planting any one of 37 species of shade trees 
    • Green Power Program: Reduce your companies' carbon footprint by signing up for 100% renewable power from PWP
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Program: Reduce fuel costs and emissions by switching to plug-in electric vehicles 

    Water Programs & Rebates

    •  Free Landscape Irrigation Survey:  
      Commercial customers with over one acre of landscape are eligible for a free landscape irrigation survey, which includes a comprehensive review of the irrigation system, including: 
                  - System pressure 
                  - Controllers 
                  - Site conditions and irrigation scheduling 
                  - Issues that can cause higher water use

      To request a survey, please complete the online application on the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Water Wise website

    • MWD's SoCal WaterṨmart Program:* 
      PWP offers a number of rebates on water-efficient devices in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District's "SoCal Water$mart Program":  

                           Turf Removal
                            Replace turf with California-friendly and water efficient landscapes - $0.30 per sq. ft.  
                            (please email water@cityofpasadena.net for more rebate information)

                           Plumbing Fixtures
                           Premium High Efficiency Toilet - $100 
                           Premium High Efficiency Toilet - Flushometer $100 
                           Zero/Ultra-low Flow Urinals - $300
                           Plumbing Flow Control Valve - $10  

    Landscaping Equipment 
     Weather-Based Irrigation Controller - $60/station
     Central Computer Irrigation Controller - $60/station
     Rotating Nozzles for Pop-up Spray Heads  (Retrofits) - $7 per nozzle (minimum of 30 per site)
    High Efficiency Nozzles for Large Rotary Sprinklers (Upgrade/New Construction) - $20/set 
    In-Stem Flow Restrictor - $2/regulator
    Soil Moisture Sensor System - $60/sensor 

    HVAC Equipment
    Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller (CTCC) - $875
    pH-CTCC - $2,250  

    Medical/Dental Equipment
    Dry-Vacuum Pumps - $150/ 0.5 HP
    Laminar Flow Restrictor - $15/restrictor 

    Food Service Equipment
    Connectionless Food Steamers - $550/compartment
    Ice Making Machine - $1,500  

    MWD's SoCal Water$mart Program rebates listed above are special rates for PWP commercial customers only, made possible by funds from PWP. Funds are limited, and rebate amounts are subject to change at any time. A REBATE RESERVATION MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO PURCHASE FOR ALL COMMERCIAL REBATES. Find full program details and reserve your rebate at the  SoCal Water$mart  website or call 888-376-3314 to inquire about your existing reservation or rebate status.  


  • Clean Energy Programs

    • Pasadena Solar Initiative: Rebates are available for installing solar photovoltaic systems on your property.
    • Green Power Program: Reduce your building’s carbon footprint by signing up for 100% renewable power from PWP.
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Program: Reduce fuel costs and emissions and also earn incentives from PWP by installing Level 2 electric vehicle chargers at your multifamily property.

    Financing Your Water and Energy Savings

    • Clean Energy Finance Guide: PWP is pleased to offer a comprehensive financing guide to help our customers find financing options to complete their efficiency upgrades and solar projects.
    • The LA County PACE program is now available to PWP’s residential and business customers! The LA County Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program allows property owners to install energy efficiency, renewable energy and water-saving improvements to their properties without putting any money down. Loan payments are assessed on property tax bills

    Pasadena's Energy Efficiency Goals

    By participating in PWP's energy efficiency incentive programs, you can help us achieve our energy efficiency goals, which are consistently amongst the most aggressive of any utility in the state. Click here to learn more about these goals.

    For More Information

    For more information about these programs, please  e-mail the Customer Programs Hotline or call (626) 744-6970.

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