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Outage Management System

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With PWP's Outage Management System (OMS), registered customers can receive direct and timely information from PWP during water and power service interruptions. OMS connects customers' mobile phone numbers to their service addresses and will send an automated call to affected households when there is a service outage in the area and provide estimated times of restoration.  To sign up, update your contact information to provide a mobile number that PWP can use to during an outage.

Three Easy Ways to Update Your Contact Information:

 Online Icon  Online through Account Access  

 Mail Icon  By Mail - Print this form or return your bill insert

 Phone Icon Call PWP's Customer Service Center at (626) 744-4005 during normal business hours



Want to sign-up for Citywide Emergency Communications?

Pasadena Local Emergency Alert System (PLEAS) helps you be a part of our community’s safety by keeping you informed during an emergency 

While PWP’s OMS system is focused on water and power outages, the Pasadena Local Emergency Alert System, or PLEAS, uses both text and voice messages to keep residents and community members in Pasadena informed in case of emergencies that affect areas in which they live or work.  With this information, residents and businesses can make arrangements to help ensure the safety of family members, employees, pets, and property in the event of fires, floods, earthquakes, or other types of disasters.

In the event of an emergency, residents and community members will receive a message with the latest information and safety instructions.  PLEAS is programmed to know whether or not the message has been delivered to a person, recorded to voicemail, or was not delivered due to a telephone system error.  The system will continue to attempt to deliver its message until the message is successfully delivered to a person, or until the message expires.

Click here for more information on PLEAS and to sign up to receive emergency communications.

For all emergency preparation tips and tools from PWP, click here.

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