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Home Energy Rewards Program

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Welcome to our new Home Energy Rewards Program! PWP offers a variety of rebates to help encourage energy conservation. Help keep your home as efficient as possible with rebates on appliances, home heating and cooling, pool pumps and shade trees. 

Getting your rebate is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 

  1. Purchase and install one of the qualified products listed in the Home Rewards Application. If you are not sure whether a product qualifies, please visit energystar.gov, cee1.org, ahridirectory.org, coolroofs.org or call the Program Answerline at (626) 744-6970
  2. Fill out and print the completed rebate application form. (Note: If you are unable to print the form, please call the PWP AnswerLine at (626) 744-6970 to receive an application by mail.
  3. Mail the application along with a copy of the store receipt (must be within 90 days of purchase) to:
         Pasadena Water & Power
         Customer Relations - Rebates
         100 N. Garfield Avenue
         P.O. Box 7115
         Pasadena, CA 91109-9866

If your application is approved, your rebate check will arrive within 6 to 8 weeks. This program is subject to verification of the purchase and installation of the product(s) before and/or after the rebate has been paid. Completed applications must be received within 90 days of purchase to ensure funds are available. PWP reserves the right to modify the terms of this program at any time. Rebate amounts will be calculated according to the program incentives posted on this website on the date of product purchase. Funds are available on a limited basis. 

Home Rewards Application 

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The Energy Star label certifies that an appliance or electronic equipment exceeds federal energy-efficiency standards. Buy a qualifying Energy Star® or Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Inc. designated product and enjoy saving energy and money. We offer rebates for purchasing new refrigerators as well as to recycle old refrigerators and freezers. For all-electric homes that use electricity to heat water, we offer rebates on dishwashers and electric domestic hot water storage heaters. See the Home Rewards application for limits and requirements.  

Refrigerator Recycling Bonus!

PWP is providing a $50 rebate for refrigerators or a $50 rebate for freezers to residential electric customers who recycle their old, inefficient refrigerator. Refrigerators sold today are at least 25% more efficient than models sold just four years ago. More details.  

Home Rewards - Appliance Web Chart  


PWP encourages its residential electric customers to purchase the most efficient equipment possible when cooling your home. We offer rebates on qualified central air conditioners and heat pumps (minimum 15.0 SEER), room air conditioners, Enjoy the outdoors and get a rebate by installing qualifying dual-pane low-e windows and doors, skylights and light tubes, window film or exterior window solar screens. Feel more comfortable, save energy and get a rebate when you install a qualifying solar attic fan, whole house ventilation fan, cool roof, attic and wall insulation or plant a shade tree.

Shade Trees

PWP electric customers may be eligible for rebates for planting any one of 37 species of shade trees. Planting deciduous (shade) trees around your property can reduce the amount of energy you will use for cooling in the summer, while letting in the sun's warming rays during winter. Well-placed trees around a home can reduce air conditioning or cooling costs. In addition to their energy saving benefits, trees provide privacy, prevent soil erosion and beautify your environment. 

Program Guidebook & Catalog of Trees

Learn how to site, select, plant, and care for shade trees in the Cool Trees Program Guidebook (5.3MB). Included within the guidebook is the Catalog of Cool Trees (1.1MB) which provides a list of eligible trees that are appropriate for planting in Pasadena and the individual tree characteristics. 

Heating/Cooling Home Rewards 


PWP offers pool pump rebates to ALL PWP electric customers who replace their old pool pump with a new energy efficient variable speed or variable flow pool pump and motor. Replacing older inefficient pool pumps with new efficient models is good for your pool, your energy costs and the environment. Also, you'll reduce energy and environmental costs by running your pump before noon and after 8 p.m. on summer weekdays, and by reducing its run-time to four or less hours per day.

Pool Chart 

Please note: Pumps for above-ground pools, ponds, pool cleaners/boosters, spas and fountains do not qualify for this rebate.  







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