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Pasadena Water & Power

  • PWP Emergency & Safety Information

    This section contains information about water and power emergencies and safety concerns. Pasadena's Fire, Police and Public Health departments also provide important information about emergency preparedness and safety advisories.

  • Sustain Life

    Do you depend on life support or plug-in medical equipment?

    If your power goes out, please call 911 for emergency medical assistance.

    Meanwhile, register for the “Sustain Life” list by signing up for the Pasadena Medical Assistance Program. You’ll also qualify for a $7.50 credit on your electric bill. More info here.



    Signup for emergency alerts 

    Check PWP's Outage Status Page 

    Follow PWP on Twitter and Facebook: for emergency updates and program info from PWP

    FlexAlert: Take action and conserve energy when state power supplies are strained

    Cal-ISO RSS: Alerts, warnings and emergencies (including rolling blackouts) from state grid operator

    PLEAS: Alerts and advisory notices from Pasadena Fire Department

    Nixle: Alerts and advisory notices from local police


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