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Water Rates > Proposed Rate Adjustments 2010-11 > Water Cost Estimator
At a public hearing on June 14, 2010, City Council will hear comment on three proposed adjustments to water rates, with effective dates of July 1, 2010, October 1, 2010 and October 1, 2011, respectively. The Water Cost Estimator below is designed to help you estimate the cost difference to you.

How to use the Water Cost Estimator:

  • Refer to a recent utility bill to find your Meter Size, Service Area and Billing Cycle. Enter that information in the Estimator. See a sample utility bill.
  • Usage, enter in the amount of water (in HCF) you expect to use in a given billing cycle. Keep in mind that your usage probably varies depending on the time of year, and that summer rates are always 3 percent higher than winter rates. For best estimates, refer to your total water usage on a recent bill, given as "HCF" next to the "CIC" line item or in the "Water Usage History" table. See a sample utility bill.
  • Click Calculate to get estimates of what your charges would be under the current rates and under the proposed rate changes. The results assume water usage occurs over a full 30-day cycle for customers billed monthly, or a full 60-day cycle for customers billed bi-monthly.
  • Estimate your water cost now:

    Meter Size:Service Area:Billing Cycle:Usage:

    Understanding your results...