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    With growth and new development came concern for preserving the unique quality of life in Pasadena. The need for parking regulations increased and, in June of 1950 an ordinance was passed to control on-street parking by eliminating parking on City streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.  It was imposed to allow street cleaning during these early hours and to easily identify vehicles that were abandoned.

    However, residents with no temporary or permanent parking available to them may apply for  annual daytime or overnight on-street parking permits , allowing them to park during those hours.  All residents may obtain a annual daytime or overnight on-street parking permit. Guests may obtaina a TOPE at any of the five conveniently located TOPEKs or online TOPEO.  

    Over 1,200 parking meters have also been installed in five areas within the City: Old Pasadena, Civic Center, South Lake, Playhouse and West Gateway.  Rates, time limits, and hours of operation vary in each area; the meters and signs provide correct information.

    To complement the on-street supply of parking, the City operates many off-street parking facilities that provide a valuable resource to Pasadena businesses, residents, and visitors.  Daily, monthly, and Rose Parade Parking is available at most of these locations and parking rates vary accordingly.

    As Pasadena looks toward the future it seeks to balance growth with community needs, historic character, a diverse economic base, and a safe, healthy, family community. 

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