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    Walking is great exercise and in Pasadena, there are many beautiful historic landmarks that can be seen along your journey.  However, before you take that first stride, the City of Pasadena encourages you to follow pedestrian safety laws found in the California Vehicle Code

    Pasadena Pedestrian Plan 

    The Pedestrian Plan provides guidance to preserve the walkability of pedestrian areas, to better design and develop pedestrian-friendly projects, to better integrate pedestrian improvements into street maintenance and traffic management programs, and to implement public education and enforcement programs that improve pedestrian safety and increase levels of walking. 

    Pedestrian Safety Brochure 

    A comprehensive site that offers helpful tips to make your walking adventure safe and enjoyable.

    Pedestrian Safety Study 

    This report documents research aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety in general, though the overall focus of this report is on signalized intersections.

    Suggested  Routes to School Program Report

    The report summarizes the Suggested Routes to School Program that was undertaken in the City of Pasadena from 2005 to 2006.  

    Watch for Pedestrians 

    This site offers safety tips to motorists to help protect pedestrians crossing streets. 

    Pedestrian PDFs

  • Pedestrian Safety Video

    Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets...comes a new safety video from Coach Boxer.  Join The Coach and his all-star players as they take a light-hearted look at a serious subject: pedestrian safety.  Walking across the street might seem like an easy task, but every year thousands of people are killed or injured because they don't take the time to be safe, be smart, be seen.
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