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    At the Pasadena Public Health Department, our Public Health Nurses (PHNs) promote the well-being of communities and seek to promote health, prevent disease, disability, and premature death among all residents in City of Pasadena.  Our PHNs provide much needed services to individuals and families in various settings such as the home, childcare centers, senior centers, homeless shelters, churches, and other group settings.  Client services are provided and coordinated in collaboration with a number of partnering agencies to create conditions that ensure healthy lifestyles and improve the quality of life for all residents. 

    Public Health Nurses are Registered Nurses who graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) and also have a Public Health Nurse Certificate issued by the State of California. Some PHNs also have an advanced degree in Nursing or Public Health, or are advanced practice nurses (Nurse Practitioners).  PHNs perform assessment of individuals and families to determine their current health status and future needs in conjunction with the leading health indicators from Healthy People 2020, including: 

    • Access to health services 
    • Clinical preventive services 
    • Environmental quality 
    • Injury and violence 
    • Maternal, infant, and child health 
    • Mental Health 
    • Nutrition, physical activity, and obesity 
    • Oral health 
    • Reproductive and sexual health 
    • Social determinants 
    • Substance abuse 
    • Tobacco 

    Additionally, PHNs provide information and assistance to individuals and families to address concerns about communicable diseases, vaccines, lead poisoning, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  We also participate in research by contributing to data collection and provide community services during a disaster or emergency situation.  Our PHNs are committed to serving the public health needs of all residents of Pasadena to prevent illness and to achieve optimum health. 


  • Communicable Disease Investigation

    Our Public Health Nurses work in partnership with our epidemiologist, and the medical and neighborhood communities to control and prevent the occurrence and spread of communicable diseases.  We conduct epidemiological investigations of selected mandated reportable and communicable diseases including tuberculosis (TB), salmonellosis, pertussis, hepatitis, and meningitis.  Educational information and materials on the disease process, transmission, and prevention are available to the community. 

    For healthcare providers interested in reporting a communicable disease, please call (626) 744-6043 or download the following documents: 


  • Lead Poisoning and Prevention 

    Public Health Nurses at the Pasadena Public Health Department work in collaboration with Environmental Health Specialists to assess the home environment of lead-burdened children to determine the source of lead exposure.  The PHNs offer case management of lead-burdened children and their families, and follow through until lead levels are maintained at State-mandated acceptable levels.  Contact us for education on the adverse effects of elevated lead levels and preventive measures.  Please visit the Pasadena Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program for more information.  


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