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  • Pasadena Tobacco Use Prevention Ordinance

    On July 11, 2011, Pasadena City Council unanimously approved amendments to the City's Tobacco Use Prevention Ordinance to prohibit smoking in apartments and condominiums to protect residents from drifting tobacco smoke.  The new law became effective on August 13, 2011, with provisions that take effect on certain dates.  For more detailed information, please review the following documents:

  • Pasadena Tobacco Control Program

    Our Mission 

    The City of Pasadena Public Health Department’s Tobacco Control Program’s mission is to protect and preserve the health and well-tobacco_flyerbeing of the Pasadena Community from the harmful effects of tobacco and tobacco smoke, especially among youth. The program works through prevention education and encouragement of public policy. The Pasadena Tobacco Control Program works to change tobacco norms and policies throughout the city of Pasadena through the following activities:

    • Working to reduce the public’s exposure to secondhand smoke.
    • Working to reduce youth access to tobacco through policy initiatives and compliance checks.
    • Working to counter pro-tobacco advertising by prohibiting tobacco advertising
      in sensitive-use locations frequented by children.  
    • Conducting health education seminars to educate the public about tobacco use.
    • Working with both an adult and a youth coalition to prevent tobacco use within the Pasadena community.

    If you have seen a smoking violation, an illegal tobacco sale to a minor, or someone purchasing tobacco products for minors, please call our program office at (626)744-6014.



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