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  • HIV/STD Education & Prevention Services

    It’s not who you are, it’s what you do that puts you at risk 

    The HIV/STD Education and Prevention Services Program at the Pasadena Public Health Department provides a wide range of education and prevention services related to HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Our staff works closely with the Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services to provide HIV/STD-related services.  The program aims to increase awareness of HIV and STDs and to decrease the social stigma by empowering individuals to protect themselves and the community through knowledge, understanding, and risk-reduction. 

    Some of the services offered by the HIV/STD Education & Prevention Services Program include HIV counseling and testing services, mobile unit HIV counseling and testing, health education risk reduction services, and an STD community intervention program (SCIP). 

    HIV Counseling & Testing Services 

    The Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services (AECCS) offers free, on-demand HIV testing to those who qualify*.  Testing is on a first come, first serve basis; please call (626) 744-6140 to confirm testing availability.  No appointment is needed; walk-in clients are accepted.  AECCS uses the OraQuick Rapid tests to provide confidential results within 30 minutes. 

    The completely confidential testing process requires an oral swab and involves pre- and post-test counseling with a California State Certified Counselor.  Test results are kept ina confidential file. California state laws protect this result from being disclosed to anyone but the individual being tested. Clients may request a written result with their name; such documentation may be required by courts or other HIV/AIDS providers. 

    *Fees may apply for court-mandated HIV testing.  Please call us at (626) 744-6140 for more information. 


    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 

    Walk-ins accepted, no appointment needed 

    Note: Testing hours are subject to change without notice 

    Health Education Risk-Reduction Services 

    The HIV/STD Education & Prevention Services can provide HIV/AIDS Education and Risk-Reduction sessions by trained facilitators who provide a broad overview of HIV and STD prevention.  Some topics covered may include: 

    • HIV/AIDS transmission 
    • STD information 
    • Safer sex 
    • Condom negotiation 
    • Correlations between STDs and HIV 
    • Correlations between substance use and HIV 
    • HIV testing promotion 
    • Healthy sexual living 
    • Self-esteem issues 
    • Women’s healthcare issues 

    The curriculum is developed to be flexible and to meet your needs, either in an individual setting or for community groups.  If your organization is interested in hosting an HIV 101 or Introduction to STDs training session, please contact Sandra Olivas at (626) 744-6098. 

    STD Community Intervention Program (SCIP) 

    SCIP is a statewide program funded by the State of California STD Control Branch aimed at building the capacity for community agencies to integrate STD information into their programs and services.  Through SCIP, agencies may receive training and technical assistance from the Public Health Department and the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center.  For more information, or to schedule a presentation about SCIP, please contact the Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services at (626) 744-6140. 

    HIV/STD Resources  

    More information on STDs, HIV, and AIDS, can be found on the following websites: 

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