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  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

    The Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services (AECCS) is an official enrollment site for ADAP services.  ADAP is a State prescription drug assistance program funded by Ryan White CARE legislation and state funds.  ADAP recipients may be provided medications to treat HIV disease or prevent related serious deterioration of health. 

    Eligibility Requirements  

    You may be eligible for California ADAP services if: 

    • You are a resident of the State of California 
    • You are at least 18 years of age 
    • You have an HIV diagnosis (ADAP will only process prescriptions written by a licensed California physician) 
    • You have a Federal Adjusted Gross Income not more than $50,000 
    • You have limited or no prescription drug benefit from another source 

    Under certain circumstances, ADAP may be able to provide assistance in meeting your private insurance co-payment or insurance deductible obligations for medications which are on the ADAP formulary (list of covered drugs). 

    You may be required to apply for Medi-Cal as part of your ADAP application process.  Under some circumstances, ADAP can assist you in meeting your Medi-Cal Share of Cost obligation for ADAP covered medications. 

    ADAP Formulary 

    The ADAP Formulary consists of extensive FDA-approved drugs.  The State of California Medical Advisory Committee and the State Offices of AIDS (State OA) regularly consider the addition of new drugs to the ADAP formulary including newly FDA drugs.  To view or print the ADAP formulary, click the view/print formulary alphabetically (by generic name) or by drug class buttons below: 

    California ADAP Formulary by Class, Effective 10/28/2011 

    California ADAP Formulary by Generic Name, Effective 10/28/2011 

    ADAP Program Dispensing Policy 

    1. Drugs marked with “·” are to be dispensed with a minimum 30-day supply.  Exceptions will require prior authorization. 
    2. Drugs marked with “*” Code 1 are restricted by a specific diagnosis, dose form or circumstances of the client.  Prior authorization may be required and granted only when Code 1 requirements are met. 
    3. Drugs marked with “^” require prior authorization, PMDC will request additional information (client and drug specific) before considering the authorization. 
    4. Most drugs are to be dispensed with a maximum 30-day supply.  Exceptions will require prior authorization. 
    5. Prior authorization is required for DEA CLASS II and III drugs when the quantity exceeds 100 units. 

    Note: There may be some SPECIFIC DOSAGE FORMS of products on this formulary that may NOT BE COVERED OR REQUIRE PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.  Pharmacies can verify drug coverage by dialing the toll free PMDC Systems’ number listed below and selecting the Electronic Verification option.  The pharmacy will need their NABP# and the drug’s 11-digit national drug code (NDC) PMDC SYSTEMS 1-888-311-PMDC (7632). 

    Please contact us if you have any questions regarding ADAP eligibility or for more information.

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