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    Weather forecasters and scientists are predicting that the upcoming El Niño conditions could bring significant heavy rains and severe storm conditions that will impact Southern California with flooding, mud slides, wind damage and related emergency conditions such as power outages. The City of Pasadena is actively preparing to meet the challenges of El Niño, and City public safety officials urge all residents and businesses to do the same. 

    In general, whether it is an El Niño event, major earthquake or other emergency, all residents and businesses should have enough food, water and other emergency supplies to last them from three days to a week, or longer, in response to a widespread disaster.  The next major storm, earthquake or human-caused emergency will happen. It is not a matter of “if” but “when” that disaster will occur.  All members of your family, including pets, need to be prepared at home, in the car, and at work. 

    Special considerations should be taken to ensure that food and water systems are safe, and good hygiene is important to keep you and your family healthy. Read more on environmental health considerations to prepare for flooding, as well as general preparation and recovery considerations: 




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