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    EquestriansThe Pasadena Police Department’s Volunteer Mounted Unit is a non-sworn civilian volunteer group that provides a patrol service in the more remote park areas of the City, including the Arroyo Seco Park and the Rose Bowl. The Unit acts as “eyes and ears” for the department by reporting violations and other circumstances that may be a threat to public safety.

    The Volunteer Mounted Unit was originally formed to assist at the Rose Bowl in patrolling parking lots during the 1984 Olympics. It was formalized and adopted by the Police Department in 1985 when the department recognized the need for passive patrol in the remote hiking and riding trail areas not readily accessible by patrol units. Since then, Volunteer Mounted Unit members have donated thousands of hours creating a police presence and providing an important link between the department and the community that utilizes the parks.

    Requirements for participating in this important volunteer activity include riding skills, access to a horse and tack (ownership not required), a background check, completion of the department’s Citizen’s Police Academy, and certification in First Aid/CPR. Volunteers are required to complete 12 hours of service a month and participate in Unit meetings and training. For more information contact Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole Bazzo, 626-744-7652

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