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  • Child Safety

    There are very few issues today that are more important than child safety. As adults, we are responsible for the safety of all children, especially ones in our care. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to remember all laws and common sense about the safety of children.

    Safety Seats:Car Seat 

    Your child must be BOTH 6 years old AND weight more than sixty pounds to ride in a vehicle without being in an approved safety seat.  Children meeting that criteria must, of course, wear a seat belt.

    Seat Belts:

    Do you make sure your children are seat belted? Last year, 4,000 unbuckled children under the age of 16 lost their lives in traffic accidents.

    School Bus / Zones:School Bus 

    You must STOP when you see a school bus flashing red lights, warning you of possible children crossing the road. All too often, people will slow, and then proceed, which is illegal. Always be mindful to drive extra carefully around any school or in neighborhood where children may dart into the road.

    Bicycle Helmets:Bike helmet 

    All bicycle riders and passengers under age 18 must wear bicycle helmets while operating a bicycle in a public place. The helmets must be properly fitted and fastened.

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