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  • Background Investigation

     The background investigation will include a comprehensive investigation of your background, education and employment history (including a credit, criminal, and DMV review), a polygraph examination, a psychological examination, and a medical examination. Your absolute candor is required during this process and any sort of dishonesty, whatsoever, will result in your removal from the eligibility list.

    When you are initially contacted by your Background Investigator, you will be scheduled for a background interview. Applicants are expected to dress professionally for the background interview and to arrive on time (it is best to plan on arriving at least 15-20 minutes early). The background interview can last anywhere from one to three hours. Although department grooming standards are not required for this interview, they are highly recommended. Those applicants who are currently on active duty in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces may wear their military dress uniform to the background interview.

    • Police Officers serve in a position of public trust and are expected to display the highest standards of conduct in their professional and private lives. The following is a list of automatic "disqualifiers". If any of these issues apply to you, then you will not be eligible for the position of Police Officer.  


    1. If you are not a U.S. citizen or naturalized citizen, and you have not applied for naturalization prior to applying for this position, must become a US citizen within 3 years of appointment.
    2. Dishonorable discharge from the military.
    3. Excessive or recent use/possession of illegal controlled substances.
    4. Any abuse of prescription medications.
    5. Conviction of a felony as an adult or juvenile.
    6. Breach of integrity (Lying, thefts, and theft from employers, falsifying information, and/or failure to disclose information, an applications or during interviews).
    7. If you have been detained and placed on a 72-hour hold in a psychiatric hospital because you were a danger to yourself or others.
    8. Any restriction which would prevent you from carrying/possessing a firearm.
    9. Poor driving record, excessive moving violations, loss of license, chargeable accidents within the last 36 months, multiple or recent convictions for driving under the influence of reckless driving.
    10. Current financial instability.
    11. Illegal activity.  

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    Chief's Oral Interview

    Those candidates who successfully complete the Background Investigation will be scheduled for an interview with the Chief of Police. The Police Chief makes the final and ultimate determination on who is hired as a Police Officer. As you can see, the employment process may seem long and arduous. Those who have successfully completed this process will tell you that it was well worth the work and sacrifice for this rewarding and exciting career.



    The following paperwork needs to be filled out by every applicant for the background investigation 

  • Applicants applying for Public Safety Dispatcher complete the following background packet:
  • Applicants applying for the Police Officer/Reserve Officer positions and all other positions complete the following background packet:
  • The following background packet is to be completed by ALL APPLICANTS in addition to the above packets:
  • Pasadena Department of Information Technology Employees:

    The following background packet is to be completed by DoIT employees seeking security clearance within the Police Department:

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