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  • Academy Training

    Those candidates selected by the Police Chief will be assigned to the next available academy class. The Pasadena Police Department currently utilizes the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy for the training of Police Officer Recruits. Academy training is very demanding both mentally and physically and lasts for a 26-week period. Those recruits who do not successfully complete the academy training will be dismissed from employment. Police Recruits are paid $31.56 to $38.64 an hour while in the academy without benefits. Police Recruits must purchase their own uniforms and supplies while in the academy and the department will provide the duty gear, handgun, and required range training ammunition.

     LightsField Training Program and Probationary Period

    Upon graduation from the academy, new Police Officers are placed on probation for 18 months from the date they are sworn in. The new Police Officer will now face the most difficult portion of their training in the Field Training program. The Field Training program typically lasts six months, however it may be extended in certain circumstances. During the Field Training program, new Police Officers (affectionately referred to as "Boots") will be paired with a veteran Field Training Officer (FTO) who will evaluate every aspect of their performance on a daily basis.

    The learning curve during this phase of the employment process is very high as the new Police Officers are expected to apply everything they have learned in the academy as well as learning the policies and procedures of the Pasadena Police Department.

    Upon successful completion of the Field Training program, new Police Officers are certified for "L" car status in which they will be deployed as a one officer unit for the remainder of their probationary period. During this period, the new Police Officer will constantly be scrutinized and evaluated by veteran Police Officers and Field Training Officers as well as Corporals, Sergeants and Lieutenants in the Field Services Division. The new Police Officer’s employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period. At the end of the probationary period the new Police Officer is given a final probation evaluation which must be approved by the Commander of the Field Services Division before achieving "permanent" status.

    As you can see, the employment process may seem long and arduous. Those who have successfully completed this process will tell you that it was well worth the work and sacrifice for this rewarding and exciting career. 


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