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    June 7-August 3, 2014


    Why should the kids have all the fun?
    Join us in our first-ever Summer Reading Challenge for adults, with great programs and prizes for the grown-up reader.

    Also new this year, we're “going green” with Summer Reading!
    Registration and activity logs are online this summer.

    Need help or Internet access? Ask us! 



    Register at our Summer Reading Challenge site, and make sure to choose your primary Pasadena Public Library location.
    Track your Reading Activities online and log them weekly.
    Earn one entry into our weekly drawing for each reading activity you log. One winner will be drawn each week at each site.
    Every 5 activities you log, up to 25 activities, earn one chance in our Grand Prize drawing* for an iPad Mini. 
    Grand Prize winner will be drawn on August 10. 

    *To be eligible for all raffles, activities must be logged online in your Adult Summer Reading account at http://pasadenasr.evanced.info 




    Complete the following activities and log them in your online account.

    1. Stop by a Pasadena Library site you’ve never visited 
    2. Explore the Pasadena Digital History Collaboration website and browse historic documents and photos 
    3. Attend a program at any Pasadena Public Library 
    4. Visit Mango via the PPL website, and start learning a language (See a listing of all our eResources)
    5. Read the Summer issue of Off the Shelf  
    6. Write and post an online review in the Adult program at: http://pasadenasr.evanced.info 
    7. Borrow a packet of seeds from Hill Avenue Branch’s Seed Library 
    8. Read a Graphic Novel, Mystery, Western, Science Fiction or Romance. 
    9. Check out an eBook 
    10. Like Us on Facebook or “check in” when you visit a library site 
    11. Borrow a CD, DVD, or Playaway 
    12. Attend a book club or start one 
    13. Explore a Subject Guide on the Library’s website 
    14. Take a pause in the Hastings Butterfly Garden 
    15. Try “Ask Us!” 
    16. Discover a special collection 
    17. Use the Computer Lab at La Pintoresca 
    18. Tell one person about the “Summer Reading Challenge” 
    19. Browse the Library’s website for booklists and recommended reading, or ask a library staff person
    20. Go to the Friends of the Pasadena Public Library bookstore at Central 
    21. Take a self-guided tour of the library 
    22. Take a picture of yourself “Pausing to Read” and post it on Instagram (#PPLSRC)* 
    23. “Give Back” by donating to the Pasadena Humane Society at any Pasadena Public Library site during our designated dates: June 23-29 and July 21-27
    24. Check out community volunteer opportunities via the Library’s website 
    25. Log on to your PPL account 

    *Participation in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge is strictly voluntary.  As such, the City of Pasadena, including the Pasadena Public Library, is not responsible for any adverse action resulting from photos posted on any of its social media websites.  By voluntarily participating in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge, you agree to release the City of Pasadena, its employees, agents and representatives, from any and all liability, claims, or damages which in whole or in part result from, or arise out of, or are claimed to result from or arise out of participation in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge.



    Pasadena Public Library is taking advantage of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge animal-oriented theme to “give back” to one of our long-time partners. For years, the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA has provided us with the popular “Barks and Books” Program for beginning readers, as well as other special displays and events. During the weeks of June 23-June 29, and July 21-27, purchase an item from the list below and drop it off at any PPL Branch. We’ll deliver your gift to this organization that has done so much to help animals and to support those who care for them. Adults will earn an entry toward the weekly prize drawing! 

    PHS/SPCA has asked us to limit gifts to items to these urgently needed items:  


    Please contact the Pasadena Humane Sociecty & SPCA if you are interested in donating other items.