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    The General Plan includes a land use map that shows allowed uses and densities throughout the city, the guiding principles and supporting objectives and policies.

    In fall 2011 through spring 2012, staff worked with the commissions and community in reviewing the objectives and policies that support the vision of the community. During that same time period, staff refined four survey alternatives into one balanced draft concept map. In reviewing the comments received from the community throughout the outreach process, staff identified the following foundational concepts to begin the map:
    • Protect and preserve residential neighborhoods, historic resources, parkland and open space areas;
    • Target growth in the Central District, around transit stations and at major intersections;
    • Plan for walking, bicycling, transit and accessibility; and
    • Focus on economic vitality to create jobs and enhance commercial areas.

    The results of the 2011 General Plan Survey on the land use alternatives provided additional foundation for the concept map, Staff also took into consideration other factors such as the seven guiding principles, the City’s Economic Development Strategic Plan, the annual citizen’s survey (from 2011), feedback from the community workshops on the objectives and policies, environmental concerns such as greenhouse gas emissions and best practices used in city planning.

    Contents of the Plan

    The map and policies support each other and are the main components of the concept plan. A variety of exhibits were created for the June 2012 Community Forums to help illustrate the key points of the concept plan.

    • Powerpoint presentation outlining the plan’s main components

    Draft Concept Plan – citywide and by planning area


    Community Outreach

    Staff hosted many outreach events on the concept map and policies. They included:

    June 2012 Community Forums on the concept map and follow up discussions on the policies

    March 2012 Workshop on the land use and mobility policies

    Fall 2011 Workshops on the mobility objectives
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