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    What is a cultural plan? 

    A cultural plan is the community's plan of action for achieving its goals through cultural objectives. It accomplishes these goals with the participation and support of the entire community and through a structured, community-wide fact-finding and consensus-building process that assesses community needs and develops a plan of action. The plan of action then directs arts and cultural resources to address those areas of need. 

    What is a comprehensive cultural plan?

    A comprehensive cultural plan is a plan that addresses many sectors of the community - industry, retail, scientific research, design, tourism, education, social services, neighborhoods, etc. - and the role arts & culture can play to support the goals in those sectors.  

    What can a cultural plan do? 

    A cultural plan can find new answers to old problems (like challenged neighborhoods or learning barriers) by using the arts & culture. In addition, the plan can tap the full economic development potential of cultural organizations, strengthen resources for artists and cultural organizations, fully integrate the arts into education and life-long learning, reposition a city's image, and enhance community access to cultural resources.


    For information on accessibility and/or to request written materials in Braille, large print format and/or Spanish, please call the City of Pasadena at (626) 744-7062. 

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