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  • Cultural Access Policy & Equity Standards

    With the adoption Cultural Nexus, the City of Pasadena Arts & Culture Commission began to implement these broad goals, priorities and policies. One of the key components of the plan was the fundamental element of promoting access to the arts throughout the community. A Nexus subcommittee of the Arts & Culture Commission was established to address these elements through the development of guidelines that set standards for inclusion and equity for citywide application.

    This Cultural Access Policy & Equity Standards document includes ten components to which these guidelines are to be applied, including policy, design standards information and communications technology, arts education, community engagement, cultural heritage, public art, collaborative partnerships, children and youth programs and general arts and culture programs. All four of the guiding principles of these guidelines relate to the City’s General Plan, which states that “community participation will be a permanent part of achieving a greater city….”

    These guidelines were approved by the Arts & Culture Commission on December 12, 2007 for implementation throughout various activities, events, partnerships and programs as prioritized by the Commission in the Annual Work plan. Facilitation of information exchange, encouragement of policy consideration and integration of resources for the arts community as it relates to the broader population is integral to each of the proposed initiatives. A fundamental element of these guidelines is the collaboration with appropriate staff, departments and Commissions in order to fully integrate this arts policy within existing city expertise, programs and framework. Cultural Affairs will leverage these collaborations in order to implement the four main Nexus arts principles of participation, economic growth, cultural identity, and a dynamic support system.  

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