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    In the early hours of August 18, 2015 the City Council certified the Final EIR for the General Plan Update, adopted the Land Use Element and the Land Use Diagram, adopted the Mobility Element, and eliminated six optional General Plan Elements (Public Facilities, Social Development, Cultural and Recreational, Economic Development and Employment, Historic and Cultural, and Scenic Highways).  These two documents are the culmination of extensive public outreach and community participation. 

    Land Use Element (August 18, 2015)  

    Land Use Element (Amended January 25, 2016) 

    Land Use Diagram  

    Mobility Element  

    The next step is to implement the elements through a number of actions including updating all eight Specific Plans and the Zoning Code to be consistent with the General Plan and to reflect its vision.  Implementation of the Mobility Element will involve several programs including a Bicycle Transportation Action Plan, Short Range Transit Plans, and the creation of Context Based Street Design Guidelines. 


    Before and After_smallEvery city in California has a General Plan, a blueprint to guide the future. Pasadena’s General Plan is made up of over a dozen chapters with the Land Use and Mobility Chapters currently being updated.

    The Land Use Chapter specifies how much and where various types of development will be allowed.  The Mobility Chapter contains strategies to achieve a safe, efficient and balanced approach for moving people and goods within the city.  These chapters were last updated in 1994 and 2004.

    The current update was launched in spring 2009.  Over 100 meetings and events were held to identify community concerns and issues.  These are summarized in an Outreach Summary Report.  In fall 2010, a series of workshops were held to take those ideas and translate them into four land use alternatives.

    In summer 2011, a General Plan community survey was distributed to receive feedback on the alternatives and the existing General Plan's guiding principles.  The survey results provided a framework to draft a concept land use map.  Staff also took into consideration the seven guiding principles, the Economic Development Strategic Plan, and environmental factors such as greenhouse gas emissions.

    In spring 2012, staff presented the draft concept plan at a series of community forums for feedback.  In the fall of 2012, staff began meeting with City Commissioners and Committees to present its recommendations on update to the General Plan (click here for a list of meetings and materials).  In the spring of 2013, the City Council received recommendations for its advisory bodies and revised recommendations from City Staff.  After careful review, the City Council provided direction on eight components of the General Plan update and directed staff to begin the environmental impact report (EIR). 

    An Environmental Impact Report, or EIR, studies the impact of the changes proposed as part of the General Plan update. The EIR explains the environmental impacts of the land use and mobility choices proposed. The scope of the Draft EIR was determined through the preparation of an Initial Study that was prepared for the General Plan Update, along with public agency comments and public input during the scoping period for the Draft EIR. On January 22, 2015 a Notice of Availability (NOA) was released to the public and other agencies signifying the completion of the Draft Environmental Impact Report. The public will had 60 days to review and comment on the analysis, methodology, or conclusions in the report. The public review process began on January 22, 2015 and ended on March 24, 2015.

    On July 14, 2015, staff published the Final EIR. The Final EIR contains a collection of responses to comments submitted by individuals and agencies related to the environmental analysis during the 60-day public comment period following the release of the Draft EIR. The completion of the Final EIR represents the completion of the environmental analysis related to the General Plan Update. In addition to the Final EIR, staff has completed the final version of the Land Use & Mobility Elements. These three components, which represent the General Plan Update, were presented to the City Council for adoption on Monday, August 17, 2015.


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    Photos provided by: Jason Mikaelian, Scott Reimers, Denise Seider, Susan Soto, Jim Oswald, and Stephanie DeWolfe unless otherwise noted.


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