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    As Good as Cash

    ARTS Tickets may be used as fare media to board any Pasadena ARTS bus and for purchasing Inter-Agency transfers on Pasadena ARTS buses.
    ARTS Ticket Books may be purchased:
    ~Online: click on "Add to Cart" below
    ~In Person: 221 E. Walnut St. Suite 199, Pasadena Ca 91101
    *Please note - we can only sell a maximum of five (5) Ticket Books per transaction 

    Buy Tickets

    $0.75 Tickets: 40 
    Price: $30 (plus $1.50 shipping & handling)

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    $0.50 Tickets: 40
    Price: $20 (plus $1.50 shipping & handling)

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     $0.35 Tickets: 40  
    Price: $14 (plus $1.50 shipping & handling)  

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    $0.25 Tickets: 60 
    Price: $15 (plus $1.50 shipping & handling)

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    If you have any questions, please contact: 626-744-4055 or email sales-arts@cityofpasadena.net 
    *All online and office ARTS Ticket Books purchases are final. If you find that you were charged incorrectly or had problems with the delivery, contact the City of Pasadena Transit Division at 626-744-4055 so that they can review your order and address any problems.


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