• Bike Lockers

Department of Transportation


    Full - 75 cents
    Youth (K-12) - 50 cents
    Senior (60+ years) - 35 cents
    Disabled - 35 cents.
    Up to two children five years and younger will be able to ride for free with a fare paying adult.

    Arts Ticket Books
    Purchase ticket books

    Requires Identification
     * Youths in Grades 8-12 must present Student ID
    * Seniors must provide proof of age
    * Disabled must show ID (e.g., Medicare or Metro ID)

    Passes Accepted on Arts
    EZ Transit Pass*
    Metrolink Pass/Tickets
    Access Services ID
    Pasadena Dial-A-Ride ID

    *For information on how to purchase an EZ Transit Pass contact Metro at (800) COMMUTE or www.metro.net. The EZ Transit Pass is good for unlimited local travel on many public transit carriers in LA County.

    Local (ARTS Buses Only) - FREE
    Inter-Agency* - 25 cents
    Inter-Agency Senior/Disabled* - 10 cents

    *Metro buses & Gold Line, Foothill Transit

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