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  • Technical Assistance


    The ongoing technical assistance referrals for local businesses is discussed in objective five of the Operations Document as the primary focus for strategic partnerships. It is designed to develop internal and external relationships that support the services necessary to advance local procurement, contracting, and hiring efforts. Staff will seek strategic partnerships with technical assistance providers to establish necessary support components for local businesses seeking to do business with the City of Pasadena to include Finance, State Small Business Certification, and Business Development Workshops. State of California Small Business Certification  

    State of California Small Business Certification 

    The City of Pasadena offers a 5% preference to businesses for being certified as a small business with the State of California on Request for Proposals. The links and instructions below will help you to understand the ancillary benefits to being certified with the State, eligibility requirements, and instructions for initiating the application process.

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Outreach

    General Description

    Through collaboration between Pasadena First Buy Local and the Business & Entrepreneurship Academy, outreach and referrals are being facilitated to partner Pasadena youth with Local Businesses. The Business & Entrepreneurship Academy is seeking local businesses to facilitate mentoring, job shadowing and work-based learning opportunities for Pasadena youth.

    The Business & Entrepreneurship Academy (Academy) is one of several partnerships in the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) to administer a program called “Pathways.” The Pathway at John Muir High School is designed to combine academic instruction with advanced technical skills through mentoring, job shadowing and work-based learning opportunities by the participation of local organizations, local businesses, and parents. 

    Local Business Participation

    Consider “Pathways” as an opportunity to become a business-mentor for Pasadena’s future business owners and leaders. Work with the Academy to facilitate the following milestones with PUSD’s 11th, and 12th grade students (and Parents):

    • Work-Based Learning Opportunity
    • Job Shadowing Opportunity
    • Mentoring Opportunity
    • Guest Speaking to High School Students

    Student Eligibility; and Benefits

    Students must be at least 16 years of age, a junior in high school and meet PUSD Pathways guidelines for participation. By the hands-on training from Local Businesses, Students will be offered the opportunity to establish a connection between their goals, and their education. Students will also gain experience from guest speakers that can expose them to different career opportunities in the area of business. Each Pathway will provide students the experience of writing a business plan and presentation skills which are skills all students need for their future.

    For More Details:

    Business & Entrepreneurship Academy
    1905 N. Lincoln
    626-396-5600 x82185
    626-396-3600 x88425

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