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  • Pay-As-You-Throw

    What is Pay-As-You-Throw?
    Pay-As-You-Throw is the trash collection system approved by Pasadena’s City Council in May 1999. The program is tailored to single family residences and multi-family units of four or less.  With Pay-As-You-Throw, your cost for collection is based upon how much you recycle and how much your family throws away. The more you recycle, the less you pay. It is important to reduce, reuse and then recycle everything from your soda bottles and magazines to yard trimmings.

    Why was this program chosen?
    The program is environmentally friendly, and it helps the city meet the requirements set by AB939 which requires a 50% reduction of trash going to the landfill by the end of the year 2000. Pasadena needs your continued help to meet this goal, avoid potential $10,000/day fines, and extend the life of Scholl Canyon Landfill.

    Is there a charge for making changes to my service?
    Residential customers may downsize their mixed waste container size or reduce the number of mixed waste containers once per year at no charge. If you are upsizing your service or you have already made a service level change in the last year, there will be an $35.81 charge.

    Why do I have three containers?
    Customers have three containers for the following purposes:
    -Mixed waste (trash) with a GREEN lid
    -Recycling with a BLUE lid
    -Yard waste with a BLACK lid

    What if I need another container?
    A customer service representative will help you select the best size mixed waste container for your family. There are three different sizes of mixed waste containers (the green lid).
    32 gallons
    60 gallons
    100 gallons
    Additional yard waste and recycling containers are available upon request.

    What if I need an extra pick-up?
    A bin can be rented for a one-time trash pick up, or you may consider changing your regular service level. The cost for a temporary bin is $92.95.  Please call 744-7311 to schedule temporary bin service. Call at least one week in advance.

    Will my recycling and yard waste containers be picked up on the same day as my regular trash?
    Your collection day will not change. Your trash, recycling and yard waste containers will be picked up on the same day before 5 p.m. but not at the same time. Be sure to roll your containers back from the curb at the end of the day.

    Why should I recycle?
    Recycling helps the city meet the requirements set by California law (AB939) requiring a 50% reduction of trash going to the landfill by the end of the year 2000. Pasadena needs your continued help to meet this goal, avoid up to a $10,000/day fine and extend the life of Scholl Canyon Landfill.

    - Keeps your collection rates down
    - Reduces the need for new landfills
    - Saves energy
    - Supplies valuable materials to industry
    - Conserves resources for our children’s futures

    What may I put in the blue-lid recycling container?
    All of the following items are recyclable; aerosol cans (empty), cans (beverage and food cans), cardboard (flattened), glass containers, junk mail, cereal boxes, newspaper (flattened), paper (any color), plastic (labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 or 56 or 7 on bottom), telephone books, and magazines. Motor oil can be recycled, but place it in a separate clean screw-top container next to the curb. A maximum of 2 gallons per week may be recycled.

    What may I put in the yard waste recycling container?
    Yard trimmings are grass clippings, leaves, weeds and branches that are no longer than 4 feet and thinner than 3 inches in diameter. The container lid must be closed. Yard trimmings are recyclable, so please do not contaminate them with any of the following:

    Yard trimmings are NOT palm fronds, bamboo, food waste (including fruits and vegetables), plastic, dirt, cactus, tree stumps, branches greater than 3" in diameter, street sweepings, ashes, animal waste, lumber, logs, large tree limbs, old garden hoses or broken flower pots.

    Yard trimmings are collected on the same day as garbage and recycling are collected. These materials must be properly prepared for collection and set out at your curb.

    How do I dispose of hazardous materials?
    DO NOT place hazardous material in your trash container, recycling container, or in your yard waste container.  The City of Pasadena participates in a countywide hazardous materials recovery program. Round-ups are periodically scheduled throughout the area. To find out when the next one is, or to dispose of materials, contact Los Angeles County at their toll free number 1-888-CLEAN-L.A. or visit them on the Web.   http://www.888cleanla.com

    Household hazardous waste is any material discarded from home that threatens public health and safety or the environment due to its chemical nature. Examples of hazardous products in your home include batteries, paint, aerosol products, pesticides, and vehicle fluids.

    What should I do with my Christmas Tree?
    There is a separate, free, Christmas tree recycling program. Notices will be sent to residents to inform them of their tree pickup date.  For your tree to be collected and recycled, you:

    1.  Must place your tree at the curb by your specified time

    2.  Must remove all tinsel, ornaments and decorations

    3.  Must remove all metal and plastic bowls/stands

    4.  Must place tree on the curb, not in the alley


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