Department of Public Works

  • The Building Systems and Fleet Management Division provides maintenance and repair of City facilities and vehicles, and ensures their safety for both City staff and residents. This division consists of the following programs:

    Building Maintenance and Project Maintenance
    Provides all general and preventive maintenance services, including capital funded repairs and maintenance, for 53 major City buildings and approximately 130 facilities. These programs also perform a variety of construction, structural revision and remodeling projects. Services include carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and other related maintenance work.

    The Housekeeping Program
    This program administers janitorial services for nearly 500,000 square feet of City space. Services include maintaining offices and public areas at an acceptable level of cleanliness for general appearance and health and safety standards.

    Security Services
    The division offers a safe environment for City employees and residents by providing building security at the City Yards, City Hall and the Villa Parke Community Center.

    Fleet Maintenance
    This branch is responsible for maintaining, repairing and disposing of the City's fuel-powered fleet which consists of nearly 900 vehicles and other pieces of equipment.

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