Concealed Weapons Permits Issued By The Pasadena Police Department

In order to apply for a concealed weapons permit you must:  

  1. Show good cause exists to issue a CCW license  
  2. Be a Pasadena residence  
  3. Be at least 21 years of age 
  4. Be of good moral character and be able to provide three letters of character reference 
  5. Submit proof of ownership and registration of each firearm to be licensed 

Applicants will be required to file an application, submit to fingerprint check with the FBI and DOJ, pass an approved firearms course and be deemed free from any psychological issues by being evaluated by the police department’s psychologist.  

 CLICK HERE for an Application.

To submit an application please call the Administrative Services Section at 626-744-4505 and ask for Sgt. Roger Roldan.  


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