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  • John E. Perez

    John E. Perez

    John E. Perez, Commander

    Criminal Investigations Division

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  • About Commander John Perez

    John Eduardo Perez was born in Los Angeles and as a young boy he became interested in police work after observing the negative impact of gangs and drugs in his neighborhood during the 1970’s. In 1985, John pursued a career in policing and was fortunate to be hired as a Pasadena police cadet in 1985 and in 1987 he achieved his goal of becoming a police officer. Over the years, John has worked a variety of assignments to include community relations, internal affairs, gang enforcement and as an undercover narcotics officer. In 1994, John furthered the police department’s goal of improving neighborhoods by designing a unique community policing initiative known as the Villa Parke Project. The Villa Parke Project became widely known for its focus on establishing community partners to improve safety and reduce violence.

    One of John’s career highlights was working in the Special Enforcement Section for over six years. This team of specially trained officers focused on gangs, drugs and youth violence, while also serving as the city’s SWAT team. He is very proud to have worked with a highly dedicated and diverse group of officers that reduced gang and youth violence to historical lows. John was credited with establishing a variety of policing initiatives that led to a reduction in community complaints, while improving relationships in the neighborhoods officers served.

    Immediately after the tragedy of the World Trade Center in 2001, John was appointed as the police department’s Counter Terrorism Liaison and implemented several homeland security and safety initiatives that continue to serve as models today.

    Most recently, he became involved in organizing Latino pastors to who now meet regularly to discuss neighborhood issues and to ensure the Latino community’s accessibility to the police department. In 2008, members of this coalition became the first Latino pastors to become part of the department’s chaplain program.

    Since 2006, John has served in the capacity of commander and has led the Strategic Services and Field Operations Division and he currently serves as the commander for the Criminal Investigations Division.

    John has been awarded with a commendation from the City of Pasadena for the Villa Parke Project, a departmental commendation for his efforts as the Counter Terrorism Liaison and has twice been awarded the Chief’s Special Award of Excellence. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science and is currently a Doctoral candidate in the field of education. John is married to his wife Norma and they have twin boys, Joshua and Jacob.

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