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  • ArtCenter College of Design Master Plan 

    Project Address:   

    Hillside Campus: 1700 Lida Street

     South Campus: 870, 888, 950, and 988 South Raymond Avenue and 1111 South Arroyo Parkway

    Case Manager: 

    David Sinclair - Email   

     Project Description: 

    ArtCenter was first established in Los Angeles in 1930 and moved to its current Hillside Campus in 1976. In 2004, ArtCenter established a second campus, referred to as the South Campus. As the South Campus has grown and operations have shifted to this campus over time, the Hillside Campus and the South Campus have become increasingly connected. As a result, the ArtCenter has submitted one Master Plan application for a new 15-year Master Plan (the Project) that encompasses development on and comprehensively identifies a vision for both the Hillside Campus and the South Campus. The Project would be implemented in two phases, with Phase I occurring between 2017 and 2022 and Phase II occurring between 2022 and 2032. It is anticipated that upon completion of the Project, total enrollment within ArtCenter would increase from its current enrollment of approximately 2,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) students to a maximum of 2,500 FTE students and increase faculty/staff from 753 faculty/staff members to approximately 994 faculty/staff members between the two campuses.

    The majority of the work proposed as part of the Project would occur on the South Campus. Specifically, within the South Campus, the Project would include renovations to existing buildings, demolition of existing buildings and surface parking, construction of new buildings for student housing, development of outdoor quad areas, and construction of a campus Cycleway and mobility hub. The Master Plan Amendment for the South Campus would incorporate three newly acquired parcels into the Master Plan Boundary, construction of new buildings, and renovation of existing buildings. Phase I work on the South Campus would focus on 950 S. Raymond Avenue, 988 S. Raymond Avenue, and 1111 S. Arroyo Parkway, and includes renovations to the existing building at 950 S. Raymond Avenue. The existing surface parking on 988 S. Raymond Avenue would be demolished, and a new 8-story building to include student housing and other campus uses would be constructed. The existing building on 1111 S. Arroyo Parkway would be renovated, and a new 8-story building would replace existing surface parking. The new building would include student housing and other campus uses. Phase I also includes construction of a large main quad area bridging the Metro Gold Line and a subterranean tunnel under the Metro Gold Line connecting parking areas. A new mobility hub is included in Phase I, which would include a pick-up/drop-off area, bike parking, and a car sharing fleet. Phase II work on the South Campus would take place on 870 and 888 S. Raymond Avenue. The existing surface parking and building at 888 South Raymond Avenue, as well as the surface parking at 870 S. Raymond Avenue, would be demolished and replaced with 4 new 8-story buildings that would include student housing and other campus uses, constructed over a common podium, which would include a quad area and subterranean parking. Both Phases I and II include construction of portions of a Cycleway throughout the South Campus. The proposed Cycleway would serve as a campus circulation spine for pedestrians, cyclists, electric carts, and others, and would link all school buildings along S. Raymond Avenue.

    On the South Campus, the parcels located west of the Metro Gold Line are located within the South Fair Oaks Specific Plan. The parcels, 950 and 988 S. Raymond Avenue are zoned PS (Public, Semi-Public) and the parcels, 870 and 888 S. Raymond are zoned IG-SP2-HL-56 (Industrial General, South Fair Oaks Specific Plan, Height Limit Overlay - 56 feet). A Zoning Map Amendment is proposed to change the zoning of 870 and 888 S. Raymond from IG-SP2-HL-56 to PS. The parcel located at 1111. S. Arroyo Parkway is located within the Central District Specific Plan and zoned CD-6 (Central District Specific Plan, Arroyo Corridor/Fair Oaks). A Zoning Map Amendment is proposed to change the zoning from CD-6 to Public, Semi-Public (PS). The above land use designations allow colleges and dormitories with a Conditional Use Permit, which a Master Plan is a long-range CUP.

    Improvements within the Hillside Campus would include renovations to existing buildings, additional parking, installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, and modifications to campus access. The majority of the Hillside Campus is currently designated Institutional under the City’s General Plan, with a portion designated Low-Density Residential, and is mostly zoned PS (Public, Semi-Public) with a portion zoned RS-2-HD (Single-Family Residential, 0-2 lots per acre, Hillside Development). No General Plan or zoning amendments are required or proposed for the Hillside Campus.           

    Documents Available for Review:  

     Notice of Preparation  

     Initial Study (September 2016) 






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