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    PlansTo assist customers with the plan review process, we have listed our most common plan review project submittal checklists.  Download these checklists below.

    Each checklist is organized by type of drawing or supplemental information required, and which department/division needs to review it.  Some of the boxes have specific notations in them, implying that a specific piece of information is only required if your project meets the details in the box.  If an X is in the box, than that piece of information is indeed required.    

    The number of sets required for plan review submittal is (3) sets of plans + (1) CD or memory stick (pdf files) OR (5) sets of plans (8 for new constructions or food establishments).  Submitting the correct number of plans is vital, as we will only accept projects for plan review that have all the required plan sets.

    If you have any questions interpreting the plan submittal requirements, please call the department listed for assistance. The numbers are listed under the Services Directory.

    Please note that certain projects may be required to comply with Storm Water Pollution Prevention Regulations (contact Building & Safety), Construction and Demolition Recycling Regulations (contact Public Works), and Construction Staging and Traffic Management Plan Requirements (contact Public Works). 

  • Most Common Checklists

  • Icon 01. Residential Plan Submittal
    Icon 07. Tenant Improvement Plan Submittal
    Icon 08. Residential Pool Plan Submittal
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