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    Posted: 01/09/17

    PASADENA, CA – In response to the January 6, double homicide and the injuring of two others, the Pasadena Police has increased patrols throughout the city. Despite a strong police presence, on January 7th, a fifth person was shot and

  • Pasadena Police Body Worn Camera Policy
    Posted: 11/04/16

    Body Worn Cameras

  • Press Release: Thomas Death Investigation - Release of Names
    Posted: 10/11/16

      October 9, 2016 For More Information LASD SIB (213) 229 1700 Lt. Vasken Gourdikian (626) 744 7875   PASADENA POLICE DEPARTMENT RELEASES NAMES OF OFFICERS INVOLVED IN THE DEATH INVESTIGATION OF REGINALD THOMAS  PASADENA, CA – On September 30,

  • Discipline and Use of Force Overviews
    Posted: 05/11/16

    2015 End of Year Discipline Overview2015 End of Year Use of Force Overview 2015 Mid Year Discipline Overview2015 Mid Year Use of Force Overview 2013 2014 Discipline and Use of Force Overview 2012 2013 Discipline and Use of Force Overview

  • Community Q&A, Districts 1, 3, & 5
    Posted: 03/07/16

    COMMUNITY QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS BY THE PASADENA POLICE DEPARTMENT In response to a recent increase in gun related violence, including a homicide on February 16, 2016, District 3 Councilmember John J. Kennedy devoted the majority of his February 17 District

  • Police Department Grant for Youth Accountability Board Funding
    Posted: 06/10/15

    POLICE DEPARTMENT APPLIES FOR GRANT FOR YOUTH ACCOUNTABILITY BOARD FUNDING  The Pasadena Police Department has applied for a $32,078 Justice Assistance Grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to help fund the Youth Accountability Board program.The Youth Accountability Board helps

  • Veritas Report-Redacted
    Posted: 04/10/15

    In accordance with a Public Records Request, the City of Pasadena has released a redacted original Veritas Audit Report.  

  • Veritas Assurance Group Executive Audit Report
    Posted: 03/13/15

    In February of 2013, Chief Sanchez directed an independent audit of our investigative practices in an effort to better understand organizational challenges and improve investigative services.  To achieve this goal, the Veritas Assurance Group was chosen for the project and were highly

    Posted: 08/22/13

    In 2012, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip L. Sanchez contracted with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) to conduct independent investigations into eight personnel complaints filed with the Pasadena Police Department (PPD).  These complaints were primarily brought forth by a

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