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Human Services & Recreation Department

  • Status of Women Issues
    The Women’s Issues office works to empower women in the greater Pasadena area and City employees through the provision of information, resources and networking opportunities.

    Children and Youth Issues
    The Children and Youth Issues office seeks to achieve the following: promote and facilitate City and community planning which is responsive to the needs of children and youth; encourage and facilitate the development of leadership skills and the proactive participation of youth in City and community efforts; increase the awareness of Pasadena as a family community; expand quality programs and activities available for children of school age; and maximize academic, social, and recreational opportunities available for young people.

    Pasadena Youth Council
    To provide the youth of Pasadena with the opportunity to participate in City governance and share in the decision-making process through participation in a Youth Council and a Youth Network intended to identify, discuss, prioritize and address youth issues.

    Child Care Issues
    The Child Care Issues office strives to improve and enhance the availability of quality, affordable child care;

    Senior Issues
    The Senior Issues office participates in region-wide efforts to improve the lives of seniors.

    Endowment Program
    The Human Services Endowment Fund was created to expand the delivery of human services in Pasadena.

    Human Relations Commission
    To engage in activities designed to aid in elimination of prejudice, intolerance and discrimination against individuals or groups because of race, religion, national origin, sex or cultural background. To assist the City in achieving better inter-group understanding among residents and to provide assistance to local private persons and groups seeking to promote good will and better relations among all people. Members should have a personal acceptance of, and commitment to, the principle of equal opportunity for all people, and an ability to function harmoniously with a heterogeneous group.

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