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    During the 2009 outreach efforts for the General Plan Update, participants asked for objective data summarizing the changes in the community since the last General Plan Update. This report provides data regarding the quantifiable changes in the City since the 1994 and 2004 General Plan Land Use and Mobility Elements were adopted. It also provides status on the policy directives given in those documents.

    City staff has compiled the data into an easy to follow Metrics Report. Topics discussed in the report include:Metrics Cover

    • Population
    • Building Trends
    • Housing Development
    • Commercial Development (Non-Residential)
    • Travel Characteristics (Mobility)
    • Transit
    • Bicycling
    • Transit Oriented Developments
    • Central District
    • Economic Development
    • Historic Preservation
    • Open Space and Parks
    • Utilities and Capacity
    • General Plan Policy Directives

    In July 2010, the draft report was presented to the General Plan Update Advisory Committee (GPUAC), Planning Commission and the Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) for comment. The final Metrics Report was distributed in late September 2010.

    Since its completion, the metrics report has provided valuable information used by participants in updating the General Plan.

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    Icon 2. Metrics Report Appendix
    Icon 2010 November Charrette Poster - Metrics and Sept Workshops
    Icon 3. Addendum to the Metrics Report - 2011
    Icon 4. Addendum to the Metrics Report - 2012

  • Icon August Draft of Figures 08-19-2010
    Icon August Draft of Report 08-19-2010
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