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    Alternatives and Survey 

  • Newsletter_Survey_smlIn June and July 2011, a General Plan Community Survey was distributed that asked the community for feedback on which alternative, or combination of alternatives, were preferred for six planning areas. The survey also sought feedback on the guiding principles of the General Plan and mobility policies.'

    Over 70,000 surveys were mailed to all Pasadena households and businesses in a special newsletter with detailed information on the alternatives. City staff held five community workshops to provide additional information on the alternatives.

    Response to the survey was strong with almost 3,000 returns that were well-distributed among all zip codes. The results demonstrate strong support for the General Plan’s existing seven guiding principles and reflect a diversity of opinions about each planning area. Alternative C (focus future growth around Gold Line Stations and at major intersections) received the highest support in every planning area, although no single alternative received a majority of support in any planning area.

    For more information about the results of the survey, the General Plan alternatives and the special newsletter, and the workshops please see the links below: 
    Click here for the survey results.
    Click here for information on the alternatives.
    Click here for information on the June 2011 workshops.

    For the report on the survey results, please click below:


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