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    Business ApplicationsThe City of Pasadena Municipal Code provides that every business operating in the City of Pasadena is required to file a Business License Tax Application prior to the start of business and pay the annual tax each year thereafter. This ordinance applies to businesses operating at a commercial or residential location within the city, or any business using a City of Pasadena address. Businesses based out of the City of Pasadena who are conducting activity in the city (for example: contractors, consultants, landscape maintenance companies) must also file an application. Exemptions may apply to charitable and non-profit organizations and to disabled veterans.

    The City of Pasadena has built an online business license application to help our business owners and to streamline the process of applying for a City license. This project will be implemented in phases.  Phase I allows the following business types to apply for their business license online:  

    • Professionals
    • Rental Accommodations
    • Commercial Building Owners
    • Commercial Building-Owner Occupied
    • Service Exempt (501C3 exempt status needed)
    • Professional Exempt (501C3 exempt status needed)
    • Rental Accommodations Exempt (501C3 status needed)
    • Commercial Building Exempt (501C3 status needed)

    All other types of businesses not listed will go through the normal process of submitting a paper application.  All forms can be downloaded at www.cityofpasadena.net/finance.

    Before proceeding to the online application please

    • Verify that the business you are proposing is located within the Pasadena City limits
    • Verify that the type of business is allowed by the Zoning Code

    Once you have checked that your business is located within the City Limits and is allowed by Zoning Code, you may apply for your business license here. 


     Take our online business license survey.

    On September 19, 2012 Governor Brown signed into law SB-1186.   Learn More >> 

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