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Public Meeting Feb. 1, 2014 on General Plan

Public Meeting Feb. 1, 2014 on General Plan


PASADENA, Calif.—The public is invited to a community meeting in February to review draft policies as part of the General Plan update that will help guide the City’s future. 

The meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m., Saturday, February 1, 2014 at Pasadena City College’s Creveling Lounge (Building CC), 1570 East Colorado Boulevard.  Parking is $2 and is available in lots 3 and 4 along South Hill Avenue.   

The General Plan, a blueprint that guides the City’s future, includes both a land use map and a list of policies.  While the map will set the type of uses allowed and the intensity of growth, the policies describe the outcome of the growth.  The policies answer important questions like, “What should new buildings look like?” and “How can we protect neighborhoods?” and “How can we improve the City’s economy?”   

The draft policies cover topics such as growth, transportation, design, historic preservation, environmental sustainability, arts and culture, economic vitality, parking, and education.  The policies also give direction to future planning efforts for districts in the City such as the Central District, East Colorado, East Pasadena, North Lake, Fair Oaks and Orange Grove, Lincoln Avenue, Washington and Allen, West Gateway, and the Northwest.   

The General Plan also includes optional chapters – such as the Social Development, Scenic Highways, Public Facilities, Historic/Cultural, and Cultural Recreational Elements – that will be folded into the Land Use and Mobility Elements. 

In February and March, the City’s commissions will consider the community’s comments, review the draft policies, and provide comments.  A final draft, taking into consideration the comments of the Commissions and community, will be prepared in the summer of 2014.   

For more information on the General Plan Update Policy Meeting, visit www.cityofpasadena.net/generalplan, call (626) 744-6710, or email generalplan@cityofpasadena.net. 

For more information about the City of Pasadena, go to www.cityofpasadena.net or follow us on Twitter @PasadenaGov. 


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 18, 2014, #006-14 

NEWS MEDIA CONTACT: William H. Boyer, Pasadena Public Information Officer, City Manager’s Office (626) 744-4755, wboyer@cityofpasadena.net 


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