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Planning and Community Development Department

  • Zoning Designations

    Pasadena’s zoning designation are divided between residential (R) districts and commercial districts (C or I).

    • A land use regulation designator (i.e. RS, RM, CG, etc.), indicating the principal land uses permitted or conditionally permitted in each district, is a component of all zoning designations.
    • A residential units/acre designator (i.e. 16, 32, 48 units per acre), indicating permitted dwelling unit densities exclusive of any bonuses, is a required component of all residential zoning designations.
    • A CD, ECSP, EPSP, FGSP, or WGSP indicates applicable Specific Plan designation and is a required component of all such zoning designations.
    • Overlay district designators shall be included in a zoning designation if the provisions of one or more overlay districts are applicable to a site.

  • Base Zoning Districts

    Base Zoning Districts
    Base District Designator Base District Name
    RS-1 Single-Family Residential District; 1 Unit/Acre
    RS-2 Single-Family Residential District; 2 Units/Acre
    RS-4 Single-Family Residential District; 4 Units/Acre
    RS-6 Single-Family Residential District; 6 Units/Acre
    RM-12 Multi-Family, Residential, 12 Units/Acre, 2 Units/Lot
    RM-16 Multi-Family, Residential District;16 Units/Acre
    RM-16-1 Multi-Family, Residential District;14 Units/Acre
    RM-32 Multi-Family, Residential District;32 Units/Acre
    RM-48 Multi-Family, Residential District;48 Units/Acre
    CO Commercial Office District
    CL, CL-2 Limited Commercial District
    CG, CG-1 General Commercial District
    IG General Industrial District
    OS Open Space District
    PS Public and Semi-Public District
    PD Planned Development District
    CD Central District and Specific Plan Area
    ECSP East Colorado Specific Plan Area
    EPSP East Pasadena Specific Plan Area
    FGSP Fair Oaks-Orange Grove Specific Plan Area
    WGSP West Gateway Specific Plan Area
  • Overlay Zoning Districts

    Overlay Zoning Districts
    Overlay District Designator Overlay District Name
    AD Alcohol Density Overlay District
    HL, HL-1 Height Limit Overlay District
    HH Hospitality Home Overlay District
    LD Landmark Overlay District
    IS Interim Study Overlay District
    ND Neighborhood Overlay District
    OC Office Conversion Overlay District
    PK Parking Overlay District
    RM-48 Multi-Family, Residential District;48 Units/Acre
    SP-1 North Lake Specific Plan Overlay District
    SP-2 South Fair Oaks Specific Plan Overlay District
    HD, HD-1, HD-SR Hillside Overlay Districts
    SS Specialty Shop District



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