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    Before you access the on-line Zoning Code, please read the following information. The Zoning Code describes various types of zoning districts and land use classifications, land use regulations, development standards, and environmental performance standards. The Zoning Code’s purpose is to protect and promote the public’s health, safety, and general welfare, and to implement the policies of the comprehensive General Plan.

    This electronic version of the Zoning Code is maintained by the City’s Planning and Development Department. The on-line code is updated periodically after the Council adopts an amendment to the Zoning Code. To check to see if there are recent changes, please contact the Current Planning Section at (626) 744-4009.  The Zoning Administrator has the authority to interpret the Zoning Code. You should check to see if there have been any interpretations issued regarding the sections of the Zoning Code that you are reviewing.

    The link to the Zoning Code will take you to the Page of Contents. From that page, there are links to each section of the Zoning Code.  Within a section, there may be references to other sections which will be linked. The on-line Zoning Code has a unique feature that links you to the words that are defined in Article 8. You can check to see if a word is defined by moving the cursor over that particular word.  If the word turns green and is underlined, a partial definition of the word shows up in a pop-up box.  The word is linked to a definition and you can click it to read the entire definition.

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