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    The Mitigation Monitoring Program was established to ensure compliance with mitigation requirements identified in Environmental Impact Reports and Mitigated Negative Declaration for construction or development projects, and to comply with the adopted State legislation (AB 3180; California Public Resources Code Section 21081). Public Resources Code Section 21081.6 requires that public agencies "adopt a reporting and monitoring program for the changes to the project which it has adopted or made a condition of project approval in order to mitigate or avoid significant effects on the environment."

    This government code section applies to both public and private construction projects and took effect on January 1, 1989. Implementation of the program involves a monitoring and notification system, a system for cost recovery, the submittal of reports by applicant and/or consultants, review of reports by City staff, and site inspections.

    The mitigation monitoring program is designed to ensure Code Compliance during project implementation and completion.

    Public agencies may levy a fee on applicants to recover the costs of monitoring.

    What Projects Require Mitigation Monitoring?

    All development projects requiring discretionary review, not determined to be exempt from environmental review under the Environmental Guidelines, and requiring an Environmental Impact Report or Mitigated Negative Declaration as part of project approval, require mitigation monitoring. This program is not applicable to Environmental Reports or Mitigated Negative Declarations for projects approved before January 1, 1989.


    Payment of a standard fee for mitigation monitoring is required prior to the issuance of any building permit which requires mitigation monitoring. The fee is required to cover the cost of inspections to verify compliance with the approved mitigation measures. Fees for monitoring are based on an estimate of time for the monitoring, and on an hourly rate established in the City's general fee schedule. Applicants are subject to additional billing if the actual time exceeds the initial estimates. Billing rates are subject to change annually.


    Applications and fee schedules are available at:

    Permit Center
    Hale Building, 175 N. Garfield Avenue
    1st Floor, Window #3

    For further information about setting up a mitigation monitoring program, please call Current Planning and ask for the Environmental Planner at (626) 744-4009.

    To inquire about an active mitigation monitoring project, please call the Code Compliance Office at (626) 744-4633.

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