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Pasadena Water & Power

  • Announcing General Manager Gurcharan Bawa


    On March 6, 2017, Gurcharan Bawa was officially announced as the General Manager of Pasadena Water and Power. He previously held the Interim General Manager title for seven months as the City of Pasadena conducted a nation-wide recruitment.

    Mr. Bawa joined PWP in 1992 as an Associate Environmental Engineer. Prior to his appointment as General Manager, he was the Assistant General Manager of Power Supply, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective supply of power for Pasadena. He oversaw the City’s local power plant and the Glenarm Power Plant Repowering Project, which will allow PWP to reduce fuel consumption and emissions while increasing reliability. Mr. Bawa was also responsible for incorporating renewable energy resources into Pasadena’s overall energy portfolio. In addition, he managed legislative and regulatory affairs related to power generation and transmission.

    Mr. Bawa is a licensed professional engineer in mechanical and civil engineering. In 2014, he was selected to participate in the Senior Executives in State and Local Government program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 

    For more on Gurcharan Bawa and the other executives of Pasadena Water and Power, click here.  

    Our Mission

    Pasadena Water and Power is committed to providing safe and reliable water and power with superior customer service at reasonable rates.  

    PWP has provided customers with reliable electric service for over a century. As a community-owned utility, PWP's first priority is to serve our customers.

    As the City of Pasadena has grown and prospered through the years, so has PWP. During the Great Depression we provided much-needed jobs, and in World War II we pitched in with the war effort. In recent years, PWP has contributed to city services that improve the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in Pasadena - services like fire and police protection, street lights and maintenance, community centers and assistance to low-income residents.

    PWP customers have made an "investment" that continues to work for the mutual benefit of the community and the City of Pasadena.

    Personal Service

    Electricity is not a faceless commodity in Pasadena. Indeed, PWP could not have survived for nearly a century in one location without being personally dedicated to serving our customers' energy needs. Now, as PWP continues to meet the changing needs of a vibrant, growing community, our response to emergencies remains unequaled. Our preventive maintenance continues to keep our infrastructure reliable. We are committed to service our customers in a friendly, professional, and effective manner.

    PWP offers the highest standard of commitment to commercial and mass market customers through personal account manager services. Through analyzing energy and water needs and implementing low-cost solutions, our PWP account managers are working with our customers' bottom-line in mind.


    PWP continually develops and offers a wide range of customer service programs to fit the needs of Pasadena business and industry. From conducting energy and water use evaluations for commercial facilities, to creating innovative solutions that help customers manage their energy and water requirements, PWP works in partnership with each customer. PWP considers technology and regulatory requirements when evaluating and projecting customer needs by offering a list of options and opportunities for saving money on energy and water use.

    These partnerships are working. Many outdated, inefficient energy systems in commercial sites throughout Pasadena are being upgraded or replaced with the help of Pasadena Water & Power's creative incentive programs.

    Pasadena Water & Power also partners with local retailers and distributors to deliver PWP products and services to commercial customers.


    PWP has an enviable history of reliability which is reflected in the services PWP provides to its customers.

    PWP continues to receive high ratings from the financial community. Throughout the years, PWP has operated under strictly conservative principles that put the needs of our customers first. Those principles have paid off with high financial ratings.

    Strategic Initiatives

    PWP's Strategic Plan outlines the initiatives we are pursuing to accomplish our mission. It aligns with the City Council’s Strategic Plan, incorporates approved resource and infrastructure policies, and highlights the key areas which will be our focus over the next three years.

    Built upon PWP’s core values, which have endured for more than a century – Community and Customer Focus, Safety, Sustainability, Accountability, Dedication, Honesty and Integrity, and Innovation the plan is focused on six areas key to PWP’s success:

    • Development of a 21st Century workforce;
    • Enhancing customer satisfaction and confidence;
    • Improving efficiency and business continuity;
    • Ensuring service reliability;
    • Achieving city goals and government mandates; and, 
    • Maintaining PWP’s fiscal health and stability 

    The Best is Yet to Come

    PWP's most ambitious undertaking has been its successful transformation from a protected monopoly to a strong, competitive and service-oriented business. Every transaction, every recommendation, and every decision is made with our customers and community in mind along with a watchful eye on the bottom-line.

    PWP is committed to to being the community's "provider of choice" for water and power related services. We're not newcomers - we've been established in Pasadena since 1906, that's over 100 years!

    With PWP's local presence, updated facilities, and innovative programs, PWP can offer total energy services more efficiently and reliably than any other provider. PWP is planning to provide even more efficient and lower-cost energy while maintaining our high standards of reliability and service.

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