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    City of Pasadena has established a new zoning permit process for property improvements and uses not subject to California Building Codes, but with specific Pasadena zoning requirements.

    The types of construction projects and uses that require zoning permits include, among others, fences up to 6 feet high, lower retaining walls up to 4 feet high (measured from the footing),  driveways and other paving in residential zones, smaller detached sheds and similar structures up to 120 square feet in residential zones and temporary commercial uses such as seasonal sales and parking lot car washes. fence

    A zoning permit is subject to inspection by a code compliance officer, rather than by a building inspector. The application is short and simple, and fees are a flat rate for single-family properties and all other properties. Additional fees for fire inspections may also apply. Many permits can be issued over-the-counter, though fences and retaining wall permits require one (1) week for review.

    Below is a listing, in alphabetical order, of our most common zoning permits. We have attempted to provide you with basic, general information about our requirements, fees, length and type of reviews as well as special considerations you should take into account. This is by no means meant to replace the assistance a plans examiner or planner can provide, so please call the appropriate section for clarifications or specific questions.  

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