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    Pre-Application Conference (PAC ) is a preliminary evaluation of a project by staff from various City departments and divisions. The staff represented are from the following Departments: Planning, Fire, Public Works, Health, and Water and Power. A Case Manager is assigned who will facilitate the PAC and provide you with a single point of contact to help you navigate through the entire review and approval process.

    At the PAC meeting, the staff will meet with you to discuss project issues and requirements of the proposed project according to current regulations, guidelines and policies. It is an opportunity for the staff to identify any discretionary reviews and approvals necessary, inform you of any possible conflicts with City policies and regulations, and, if necessary, offer other options for you to pursue in lieu of those proposed. A flow chart outlining the course the proposed project will need to take through the review and approval process is also provided to you. All documentation, including applications, brochures, submittal requirements, fee estimates, a flow chart, and review comments related to the project are provided to you in an organized packet called the Development Guide. The information derived from a PAC does not constitute any approval of a project. PAC meetings are not public hearings.

    PAC Thresholds

    Pre-Application Conference is mandatory for projects falling under the guidelines set forth in the Zoning Code, section 17.60.040.C. The PAC thresholds are as follows:

    • Master Plans or amendments to the Master Plans
    • Multi-family projects consisting of ten or more dwelling units
    • New residential structures in the Hillside Development (HD) overlay districts that are located on lots with an average slope greater than 15 percent, and require a Hillside Development Permit in compliance with Section 17.61.050
    • Projects involving new construction of more than 25,000 square feet of nonresidential gross floor area
    • Projects located within the boundaries of a specific plan, if the review is required by the Director
    • Projects that are defined in the administrative guidelines to be of communitywide significance
    • Street vacations
    • Subdivisions of land into five or more lots
    • Subdivisions of land in the Hillside Development (HD) overlay districts.

    An applicant whose project does not meet the preceding criteria may opt to participate in the PAC for the benefits it provides.

    PAC Application Process

    Download the application by clicking on the link below. The application form requests information on the proposed project and existing property information. The submittal checklist describes the project plans and photographs needed to file along with the application. The application and submittal requirements may be reviewed with Permit Center counter staff. The submittal requirements are minimum requirements. As a result of your conversation with the Permit Center staff, additional information may be helpful in obtaining a more complete review of your proposed project.

  • To file for a PAC, you will need to bring the completed application form and all the submittal requirements to the Triad counter at the Permit Center. There your application will be processed and an application fee obtained. The application fee is adjusted annually, new fees being applicable July 1st of every year. Counter hours at the Permit Center are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm and Fridays from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.

    PAC meetings are scheduled approximately three weeks after application submittal and are held on Wednesdays at 10:30 am in the Hearing Room of the Permit Center. You will receive written confirmation of the time and date of the meeting along with the name and phone number of your Case Manager following the submittal of your application. If you are unable to attend the scheduled PAC meeting, call your Case Manager to reschedule.

    PAC Meeting

    Your Case Manager facilitates the PAC meeting. The meeting follows the order of the review and approval process. As each staff member discusses his/her area of responsibility, your Case Manager is mapping your progression on an actual flow chart. This flow chart will become your guide through the process, tracking the steps you will need to take from start to finish.

    You will leave the PAC meeting with an understanding of what your project entails and a Development Guide, which is a project specific file that contains all applications, brochures, submittal requirements, comments, fee estimates, and explanations of each process as it pertains to your particular project. The Guide is organized to be both comprehensive and easy to use.

    Since the PAC meeting is at the conceptual stage of the project, you and your Case Manager may find additional meetings helpful. These meetings may involve all or a select number of staff to review certain stages of the review and approval process in more detail. Your Case Manager will also be able to provide updated information, for example, new regulations or changes in fees. The Permit Center’s assistance with your project does not end at the close of the PAC meeting. The Permit Center staff is here to assist you through the entire review and approval process.


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