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Planning and Community Development Department

  • Permit Center - Case Managment

    Case Management is the discussion of project issues and requirements of proposed projects, according to current regulations, guidelines and policies. It is an opportunity for staff to identify any discretionary reviews and approvals necessary, inform you of any possible conflicts with City policies and regulations, and if necessary, offer other options for you to pursue in lieu of those proposed. You are provided with a flow chart outlining the course the proposed project will need to take through the review and approval process. Your project should fall under the thresholds to be considered for Case Management. We have a listing of development projects currently under our case management program with the assigned case manager and a contact phone number if you should desire further information.

  • The Case Manager

    The Case Manager facilitates the Pre-Application Conference (PAC) and serves as a single point of contact to help you navigate through the entire review and approval process. 

    The following services are provided by the Case Manager during pre-development plan review:

    • Identifying all potential project reviews.
    • Defining project review schedule and determine sequencing or concurrent reviews.
    • Coordinate notification of applicant and all department representatives.
    • Ensure consistent recommendations by staff representatives.
    • Scheduling the PAC meeting.
    • Assisting the applicant in preparing for the PPR meeting if necessary.
    • Assembling a customized Development Guide for the project with an estimated project cost utilizing our PAC Fee Estimate Worksheet.
    • Facilitating the PAC meeting.
    • Ensuring that all staff provide the appropriate written materials to the applicant at the time of the meeting.

    If your project requires Land Use Entitlements and Discretionary Reviews:

    • Working in conjunction with the assigned Planner, keeping abreast to review status and facilitating any communications necessary.

    Assistance with Plan Check

    • Monitoring the progress of plans checking for delays or unforeseen problems.
    • Notifying the applicant of any problems with plan check and to facilitate resolution of any discrepancies between staff.

    Assistance with Inspection

    • Monitoring the progress of inspection to assist with any questions or communication problems which may arise.
    • Providing assistance with monitoring Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Occupancy.
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