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Office of the City Clerk

  • About the Office of the City Clerk

    Mark Jomsky 
    Mark Jomsky
    City Clerk
    The City Clerk's Department is responsible for the preparation and distribution of City Council agendas; maintains accurate records and legislative history of City Council actions; provides safe keeping and storage of the City's official records and archives; provides records retrieval and legislative research for City departments and the public. Performs centralized processing of all legal notices; maintains  campaign and economic interest statement filings; administers local elections; administers the City's centralized Records Management Program and the citywide optical imaging system.
  • Mission Statement

    To ensure the City's legislative processes are open and public by providing a link between citizens and government through the dissemination of information, and to ensure the preservation, access and integrity of records required to be stored for legal and business purposes.

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    100 N. Garfield Avenue, Room S228
    Pasadena, CA 91109
    Map and Directions >>
    Phone: (626) 744-4124
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