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  • School Truancy Program

    With approximately 200-300,000 children in the County of Los Angeles out of school on a daily basis, many without a valid reason, the City of Pasadena’s Prosecutor’s Office has launched its Truancy Abatement Program. Truancy has been determined to be a major precursor to later delinquency and adult criminality.

    Pasadena City Prosecutor’s Truancy Program seeks to do such prevention/intervention by holding accountable those parents of excessively absent elementary school children. These parents are advised that they may be prosecuted by the City Prosecutor for failing to ensure their child’s regular school attendance. This program deals only with primary age school children and seeks to cover but also those children who are just starting to develop truant behavior by excessive absences, which are inappropriately excused by parents.

    The goals of the program are: improve school attendance through parental and child accountability, address attendance problems at the earliest possible time before the child’s behavior is ingrained and while the parent still exercises control over the child, and reduce in time delinquency, adult criminality and joblessness.

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